Welcome to the 2015/2016 School Year

     We begin the 2015/2016 school year by wishing our best to Mrs. Agron who has left to devote full time duties to her ministry, Ms.  Stolarick who took a full time positon with another district, and Mr. Terry who left to take a full time positon at Somerdale.   Also, Mrs. Campbell, school psychologist and Mrs. Moore, classroom assistant, will not be returning. After goodbyes, we move to welcome:

Ms. Gwen Conte – school nurse

Ms. Yordanka Guilarte – Spanish teacher

Ms. Gina Horiates – instrumental music teacher

Changes in teacher assignments include:

1.     Mrs. Maria McGovern – RtI to grade 1

2.     Mrs. Karen McNally – grade 3 to Rti

3.     Mrs. Jennifer Pontarelli -  – grade 1 to 3

A complete Homeroom List can be found on our Home page at www.magnoliaschools.org.

     During the 2015/2016 school year, we will begin updating our Strategic Plan 2012-2015. The four major areas highlighted in this plan include: Curriculum/Instruction, Student Management, Energy Audit/Facilities, and Community Involvement.

     We remain committed to using the Danielson Observation Model, which we formally put into place two years ago. It has proven to be an extremely supportive and reflective tool, which we use to evaluate teachers.  

     In closing, we continue to encourage parents to work pro-actively with staff and administration. Please, therefore, feel free to address any concerns you have regarding our program, the Strategic Plan, or other issues. I can be reached at 783-4763 ext 825.  

"At a regular meeting of the Camden County Freeholders  locally hosted at the Magnolia Community Center on August 20,2015, Magnolia Public School was recognized by the freeholders  as the Camden County Sustainability Champion for its environmentally- friendly and energy-efficient  Capital Improvement initiative which includes new roof, major improvements to the boilers and controls,new generator, new windows and doors, etc.  Magnolia School Board President, Mrs Shelly Wilson and School Principal, Mr. Ralph L Johnson were present to accept this beautiful plaque."   

For Your Information


Notice is hereby given by the Magnolia Board of Education for the following Board of Education meeting:


Notice is hereby given by the Magnolia Board of Education for the following Board of Education meeting:

Date of Meeting - September, 15th, 2015 at 7:00
Location - Magnolia Public School              


Action will be taken at this meeting.  The Magnolia Board of Education, via this communication  is providing the public notice of the meeting.